A Mashup Experiment

Cover Src: http://www.steammotionandsound.com/

In 2010, I was living in Staff Accommodation at Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort in BC, Canada. I had just moved to Whistler after returning to Canada from an overseas trip and was desperate for work. Gaining employment and affordable housing was incredibly useful but as the ski season had just begun, I was low on shifts and had not yet saved up enough money to buy a snowboard. In an attempt to distract my desire to go and spend the small stash that I had left, I decided to try and make a Mashup Video.

This was my inspiration.

I had done video editing before, just basic making surf movies with friends when we were younger, but for this I had to use a metronome to keep the timing right. I had to film multiple takes all synchronised in time and line them up in Video editing software. I learned a lot about Music and background noise and that singing the same song 8 different ways really annoys your roommates. I entered the song in a MuchMusic competition in 2011 where the Canadian MTV equivalent labelled me a "male version of Kesha" (not a compliment). It never made it up the ranks but I feel like it satisfied my need to distract myself for a few days until I earned the money to buy a snowboard.

I hope you like it.