GIVE - Part 1 - Overview

GIVE - A Technology and Design Concept

GIVE is a concept created to allow people to interact with each other in a spontaneous way that was more than just words or images. It is a platform that uses the latest technology in smartphones and payment technology to provide a way for friends, family and loves ones to help each other out.

The idea came about when I read the following post from a good friend on Facebook.

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Admittedly, this is not the end of the world. In the grand scheme of things, this is a First World Problem. However, it still makes you feel for the guy, On his Birthday!!!! Come on?!!

So I told him my idea and he suggested "Alcoholgram" with a selfie option for when you drink the beer. I brainstormed a little more and then pitched it to some family members and we spitballed some ideas. The idea grew on me as I started to research payment options and the advancement of the technology.

It became apparent that this would be a difficult thing to set up, however not impossible. There would need to be some sort of larger organization helping to arrange the payment security and agreements with partners and institutions. Therefore it made sense to create GIVE as a company specializing in small scale money transfers direct to POS systems. Then apps could be created that utilize the technology, licensing and agreement made by GIVE.

The idea to hold on to and really keep in mind throughout the whole process is to create a service that makes it real easy to transfer money for direct purchases in the most flexible and engaging way possible from a distance. Other products exist right now which require the participation of the proprietor/bar and also outdated technology like QR codes.

There are currently limitations to this product's viability due to technology and software/hardware restrictions like Apple's Security restrictions for HCE (explained in MyShout). However, this is definitely temporary and within the next few years it will be an incredibly viable and likely method for people to interact with each other and bring a little brightness to an otherwise shitty day.


GIVE is a company that creates social gifting and money transfer apps for mobile devices. It utilises advances in contactless payment technology to encourage social interaction, simplify long-distance transfers, and improve the relationship between people and purchasing.


The ingredients for a Sale or Purchase today are basically thus:

Product/Service - eg Newspaper, Refrigerator, Veterinarian, Accountant.
Purchaser - Me and You
Money - USD, CAD, AUD, etc.

GIVE aims to help connect the Money with the Purchaser in the form of a Gift from a third party (Friend, Family, Potential Love Interest ;)

GIVE creates a Christmas-like environment where sharing is caring and it is better to give than to receive. We want to enable people to give socially, exactly when it is needed, and in the most convenient way possible. We work hard to create Apps and Services that facilitate giving in various environments which result in fast, and convenient results.


We create innovative apps that allow everyday people to use common technology to give gifts to their Friends, Family, and any other important Human Beings in their lives. Some examples of Apps we create are;

Social Beverage Gifting Apps  let you gift a drink to a companion through your mobile device. The recipient can use the app to redeem the drink at any retailer/restaurant with a credit card terminal. The app uses contactless payment technology in mobile cell phones to create a simple, social interaction whenever distance creates a barrier to emotional support, whether its a consolation or a celebration. Celebrating a birthday with your best friend overseas, consoling a relative during a string of bad luck, congratulating success at a cross-country presentation, SBGA's are your way of giving your friend a Hi-5 or a Hug when you can't do it in person.

Bevi and MyShout do the same thing but two iterations have been created to target different beverages and different markets.

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