GIVE - Part 2b - Bevi


Bevi  - a social beverage gifting app. Your one good deed for a friend in need, 

The Pitch:

Jane collapses rhythmically onto the hotel bed like a demolished building. The 2nd day of the annual sales trip is going horribly and the clients are not the slightest bit interested. The rain is bucketing down and she reaches for her phone to find no new messages. She sighs as she tweets posts of her disheartening failure for the day.

You live across the country, hours away, with hardly any way to console her in dire times of self-pity. A message is one thing, but you wish you could just buy her a nice warm Baileys Coffee, Chai Nog Chino or heck even a sparkling glass of bubbly. You want to crash right into her hotel room and say "Hey Jane, that f**king sucks." and give them a loving bear hug..

Enter GIVE's Bevi App

Jane receives a message,

"Hi Jane, hopefully this will take the edge off your sh*tty day. Here's one on me - With♥, Bevi & Me. "

Jane opens up the app and sees you have just bought her a drink. She goes to the nearest cafe and asks for Bailey's Latte with extra Bailey's, and whipped cream . Jane taps her phone on the Credit Card machine and it grins back with a cheesy "Transaction Approved". The barista snaps a picture of Jane grinning as she sips down the liquid sympathiser, filling her with the warm feeling that sh*t happens, so do bad days, and friends are always there to help you out of a tough spot. You receive the picture and smile, maybe you aren't changing the world but for that one friend, you made it just a tiny bit better.

The Summary:

GIVE's Bevi App is a social beverage gifting service created purely to provide a way for people to interact with and support each other without having to actually be in the same area. The latest in contactless payment technology allows smartphones to act as forms of payment utilising systems similar to the Visa Paywave and Mastercard Paypass 'Tap-it' terminal on Debit/Credit machines. The 'Gifter' establishes a ''Bevi Value' within the app and pays with their credit card or digital payment system (PayPal, Google Wallet, etc). They then select the recipient for the Bevi which transfers the 'Drink Value' as a credit securely through the Bevi App transaction service. The 'Drinker' then receives a notification stating that they have received a Bevi and can redeem it at any nearby cafe, restaurant, proprietor or beverage supplier. A Map of nearby locations shows up with reviews and directions. The 'Drinker' redeems the Bevi and pays directly with their phone whereby the 'Bevi Value' can be spent to purchase any beverage desired immediately. The Bevi App requests a picture of the beverage or the 'Drinker' enjoying the beverage which will be sent to the 'Gifter' with an option to Share on social networks. Remaining change or credits from the initial 'Bevi Value' can be donated to charity, left as a tip, or added to a 'Bev it Forward' storage account for later allocation to other friends.


The target market for Bevi varies from MyShout. It's purpose is identical to MyShout however may exist either separately or as a separate marketing campaign to recruit users who don't drink alcohol. The users could simply buy their friend a coffee or a Gatorade or whatever drink would be desired.

The question lingers, could they buy food? The technology would not necessarily have a way of distinguishing between a drink or food purchase but therein lies an opportunity for people to use the app for unintended means of money transfer or otherwise. However it has been suggested to put a "cap" on the amount available to restrict significant amounts of money which don't adhere to the purpose of the app.

More details in a later post. Subscribe for more.

The Technology:

Same Technology as MyShout.

App integration:

Same integration as MyShout with some alternative options for Apps linked to Target Market (ie Linked to Pinterest, etc)


Would you use Bevi? What drinks would you buy with it? Any other suggestions for things that you put you off the idea are very welcome or leave your ideas in the comments!