About Me

  • Born - Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia
  • Home - Victoria, BC, Canada.
  • Education - B.Ed, B.Sc
    • Major: Secondary Teaching
    • Major: Kinesiology
    • Minor: Sustainability


  • Digital Technology
    • Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Technical & Creative Writing
    • Social media, blog posts, HR documents, reports
  • People Skills
    • Communications, presentations, motivation


  • Community & Youth Development
    • Building healthy communities, volunteering, giving back, mentorship, etc
  • Education 
    • Teaching and sharing what you know, and being ready to learn something new every day
  • Operations 
    • Coordinating the team, planning, organizing, preparing, implementing, reviewing. Keeping the wheels turning.
  • Adventure 
    • Taking time to challenge yourself, conquering fears, exploring new ideas


  • Quick Learner
    •  I break down concepts into their simplest components and understand the relationships between them.
  • Great Communicator
    • I communicate these key concepts clearly to engage an audience.
  • Team Player & Leader
    • I exchange energy with others and work exceptionally well in a partnership or team situation
  • Relationship Builder
    • Through empathy and effective communication I build meaningful and sustainable relationships that thrive.

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Work History