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Cheap Flights are my current addiction. I get obsessed with things and they take over my life for months at a time. First it was learning guitar and figuring out all the songs I would hear on the radio. Then for a while it was Genealogy and trying to find as much out about my family history as possible. Then for a year, work was my obsession, pulling 18 hr days to figure out how to make it all work.... and now, it is flights,

I hate paying more money for things than seems necessary. I'm all about value and fairness and not ripping anybody off, but it's like if there is something for sale for $100 and I can get it for $10 elsewhere, I have a real hard time letting that opportunity go in favour of time and convenience. So I love to find ways to reduce the money I pay for things I love, especially when it involves incredible experiences. Recently I have found some wicked info on Cheap Flights and wanted to share it here. I will continue to update this page as more become available.

There are two ways that I keep track of all the best deals, and error fares.

RSS Feeds

The RSS Reader I use is called Digg Reader and is free. You log in with a Twitter, Facebook or Gmail account. It's for desktop and they have a Digg App (iOSAndroid) for your phone which has the reader included. It shows your read and unread stories whether you are viewng from a computer or a mobile or ipad or whatever.

There is a Google Chrome Extension called RSS Feed Reader that will send you alerts when a website is updated, 

You can add RSS feeds manually, or you can download my list and import it into your account. 

Download my RSS Feed Subscription List here: Cheap Airfare and Hotels RSS Feed List (xml file, must be imported to a RSS Feed Reader)


You can find the personalized Twitter List here: Cheap Airfare Custom Twitter Feed

I follow these Twitter Accounts for sweet deals:

  • The Flight Deal Canada -
  • Fly4Free -
  • Fly Fork Canada -
  • QuestOrganizer Stopovers -
  • Secret Flying -
  • Flynous Europe -
  • Fare Deal Alert USA -
  • The Flight Deal USA -
  • YUL Montreal Deals -
  • YVR Vancouver Deals -
  • YYC Calgary Deals -
  • YYZ Toronto Deals -
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  • I post all Canadian Specific Deals in the Canadian Travel Hacking Facebook Group