A Whistle & A Light for attracting attention

Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Matt and on behalf of the crazy cast and crew of everyone you know, I'd like to welcome you aboard this non-stop life from Birth to Death.

This life is nice and short with a speed of 'way too fast' and an approximate arrival time of 60-80 years. At this time, we ask that you ensure you switch off your mobile phones and direct your attention to the wonderful people around you and the beautiful world as it passes by the window. 

Please fasten your seatbelt as your life may be bumpy during takeoff, landing and turbulent periods in the middle. In the likely event of an emergency or stressful event, remember there is oxygen all around you and you should stop to take a deep breath. You can and should help other people, however it is important to ensure you take care of yourself first and you don't let yourself get so lost in saving someone else, you get hurt yourself.

There are a bunch of exits on this journey but realistically you will likely have no idea which door you will go out of until you rip off the handle. Everybody has a life vest, it is well within your reach to save yourself in times of despair.

If ever you get stuck and need assistance, use what is given to you to find help, warmth and happiness. There is a tube for inflation, and a Whistle and a Light for attracting attention.

Again on behalf of the cast and crew in your life, I'd like to thank you very very much for joining us on this trip. We hope you enjoyed this short journey and look forward to seeing you again next time. Have a nice day!

Photo Credit: Pradagirl, SMRT Ltd