So What Do You Do? - A Manifesto on Figuring it Out

There are a million possible long-term outcomes for each and every decision you make. This is exciting, yet overwhelming when you consider that you make hundreds of small decisions each day. The comforting thing is that we, for the most part, have the power of decision and often underestimate exactly how much influence our "choice" has. Have you ever been asked this question?


Do you answer with your Job Description? With an explanation of your preference for Labradores? With a summary of your kids' names and hobbies? However you choose to answer, you are basically summing up your life so whatever your answer is, I hope that for your sake, you think your summary is awesome. The cool thing is, if your answer is boring or you feel weird giving that answer, you can do any of a huge number of things to change that. The best way to figure that out is by asking yourself this question:

What do you want to define you, who you are, what's important, how you will be remembered?

That's kinda heavy, yes it is, but it is a fairly legitimate question to ask yourself. When it comes down to it, 
Life is really short, man. Too short. We are here in the world for one whack of the Hi-Hat and we sure as hell want to make it count.

A Whistle & A Light is a collection of stories and ideas that celebrate the notion of experiencing life and doing what you love to do. If you don't know what you love to do, then do things that interest you until you like one of them enough to do it more!

Here is our manifesto, our mission on what we believe and what we are trying to achieve.

A Lifestyle Manifesto

1. Love your job, Love your lifeSTYLE, or Love both. Accept nothing Less.

A person's occupation (job) should be either:
          - a way to earn the money you need for the lifestyle you want
          - something that you enjoy or connect with thoroughly, in and of itself
          - a combination of the above

If you think about your current situation and none of the above are true. Get a new job or get a new hobby.

2. BELIEVE the story you tell yourself

Everybody tells themselves a story to justify actions and circumstance. Take an Olympic 100m for instance. To be able to run faster than any individual has ever run, they must truly believe that it is possible. They must be 100% convinced that they are capable of being better than they have ever been and for some even that they are better than anyone has ever been before. Just like the Olympic runner, we are all capable of convincing ourselves that our current situation is meaningful and has purpose to make the impossible become a reality. Regardless of your situation, you will wake up everyday telling yourself a story about why you are doing what you are doing. If you aim higher than you have ever aimed and you believe that story, imagine the outcomes you could achieve.

3. Respect the Power of Decision

You always have a choice, no matter how bad something gets. Outcomes are out of anyone's control. But how we interpret the outcome is 100% within our ability to control. Exercise your right to decide, at every opportunity, how you will interpret, and how you will act.

4. KNOW You can't please everybody

Trying to please everybody is literally impossible. It's a contradiction as some people want one thing and others want another. Work on pleasing the people that matter to you the most, including yourself.

5. REMEMBER THAT Every weakness has an equal and opposite strength

Know what you are very good at, and know what you are very bad at. Everybody has at least one of each. Everybody. Put yourself in situations that show the good, and work on either improving or avoiding the bad.

6. Haters gonna hate, and Ain'ters gonna Ain't

This seems trivial but it is real. Some people will criticise you for both helpful and hateful reasons. 

The hateful are the Haters. They are a test for your confidence. To question your ideas and force you to believe in yourself. Realise that a 'Hater' is somebody that cannot do what you are doing and that their feedback, if not constructive, offers you nothing of value.

The 'helpful' are the Ain'ters or the Don'ters. They don't understand inspiration or opportunity. They don't believe in you because they don't believe that anything new or unheard of is possible. Their world is based on restrictions, predictability, safety and comfort. Think outside the box and don't let negative criticism change you. Be critical of your ideas, but don't let the criticism stop you, or turn you around.