Don't fly solo - Learn with friends at PointsU YYC

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No one person is the best at travel hacking. There's just too much to know. Routing tricks, website shortcuts, mystery partners, and the list goes on.

So if only there was a place you could go to meet other Canadians who love to travel, learn a bunch of tricks on how to save money, and build a network so that you are kept up to date with all the latest info? Well, actually, there is, it's called the Canadian Points University and it's coming to Calgary!

After two successful conferences in Vancouver and Toronto, as well as several meetups in smaller cities, the team at PointsU have told me they are trying something new for a big YYC event and it sounds really cool.

See below for info on the event and how to get 10% or more off your ticket.

What is going on?

Canadian Points University is normally an informative conference where experienced points collectors tell you how to use loyalty points from frequent flyer and hotel programs to save money when you travel. You can see my writeup of the Vancouver PointsU here

This one in Calgary will be way different though. In the past there were some pretty swanky catered events in rooftop lounges but getting one on one time with the experts was pretty hard to come by. This is way more interactive with small info sessions followed by workshops and sessions walking people through different elements that suit their level and travel type. Lots of opportunity here to learn, then practice and have people on hand to give you specific tips and tricks for your next adventure.

PointsU Interactive YYC Teaser

Come join us in Calgary on November 3-4 for PointsU Interactive!

Posted by Canadian Points University on Monday, August 28, 2017

Here is some of what will be covered. If you have anything else you think should be covered, feel free to let me know.

How to Maximize Loyalty Programs

  • Which programs are easiest to earn for Canadians
  • Which programs offer the best value and in what situations

How to get Hotel & Airline Status

  • Getting status without flying anywhere
  • Matching from one status to others to keep them alive
  • Status benefits and which ones suit your travel style/destination

How to Find Flight Award Availability

  • Tools to speed up your booking
  • Advanced searches and setting up alerts

How to Build Complex Award Redemptions

  • Secret routings and award chart sweet spots
  • Step by step processes for multi city trips

A Guide to Getting US Credit Cards

  • Getting a US tax number without living in the US
  • Building US credit history
  • Which cards to get

Manufactured Spending in Canada

  • Tips to help make minimum spend
  • Earning miles without losing money
  • How to maximize earning on everyday spend
  • The neverending game of cat and mouse

Who will be there?

The attendee list can change pretty quickly but these are some of the bloggers and personalities that have expressed interest and been approached by the PointsU folks. It looks like there are at least 7 from the list below that are coming with more signing up as the date gets closer. If you want to see these people at PointsU, hit them up on their social media to let them know you are expecting them.


How do I get a ticket?

Tickets are available from the PointsU website through a site called Picatic. Readers of A Whistle & A Light, can get a 10% discount off the full price. Enter the code "awaal" on the Picatic PointsU website to get the discount.


Looking forward to seeing you there!