TravelU Live - Monday 13th June

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When is This Show?

Monday June 13th
6pm Pacific Time (7pm Mountain, 9pm Eastern)

Where can I WATCH it?

Travel University Facebook Page
Travel University Youtube
Live streaming from this page at the time of the event

How do I take part?

You can comment and ask questions during the live show by clicking on the facebook post below and commenting. Before the show airs, you can also leave comments on this blog post.

The Show

This show will focus on using points and miles to actually book a flight. Ask questions on facebook and here on the blog post to get live answers to your questions.

This is the first Live session for the Travel University Live series. This show focused on using points and miles to actually book a flight. We walk through the major steps in booking an award flight using points and miles. We use a bunch of really handy tools to find out what we need to know.

Steps for award booking

Steps for success in award booking

  1. Search using your miles program first
    • ie Aeroplan/United website
    • City A to City B
    • If you don't find flights or you want to see what else is available, read on.
  2. Check miles balance/inventory
    • Write down your miles balances
    • Write down which airlines you can convert to
  3. Know possible partners
    • Using your miles, which other airlines can you fly on?
    • Which alliance is your airline a part of and which other airlines are too?
  4. Find possible routings
    • Use Flightconnections and different routing maps
    • Are there direct flights? Which cities do I have to connect to? Which airlines fly to those cities? Which airlines can I use my miles on?
  5. Search segment by segment
    • If your trip takes you from: City A - City C through City B
    • Search A-B, then B-C then write all the available flights down.

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