Travel hacking is about paying less for travel. Nobody likes paying full fare. Sometimes it makes, demand, blah blah. But for the most part if you plan ahead even up to a month in advance, you can get flights across oceans for $200 and that's without touching a credit card application. To get more lucrative deals and more flexibility, there are credit card programs you can take advantage of too. Do you want to pay less for travel? Here is how I do it!

Points And Miles

Check out some of the ways I earn miles really quickly. Some of these are credit card things and others aren't. I will continue to update these as I try new options! Be aware, some of these links are affiliate links where I may earn miles or similar if you sign up using my link. You don't have to sign up using these links, but I do appreciate it when you do and wouldn't recommend it unless I got it myself. Leave comments if you have questions or concerns before signing up!

Helpful Tutorials

Top cards and mileage earning tips

Friends of ours

Canada's best (and only) points and miles conference. Well worth going whether you are beginner or advanced. Read my article

Canadian KM's

Jeff "I don't fly coach" Kwok is a seasoned pirate of the travel hacking seas. Great tutorials with a world of knowledge.


Jayce is a very smart guy and when he goes in, he goes all in. If you want the nitty gritty catch all, go here.

Don't Call the Airline

Avery and his team have the legal know-how and they walk the talk. They often chat to CBC about the loyalty industry.

Rewards Canada

Patrick is a content machine. The single most comprehensive site on loyalty programs and bonuses outside FlyerTalk.


Matt, Viola and Shirley have a killer blog with consistently great content. They often break news about new card offers before others.

Buying with Money

Paying with Money is the go-to for most people. It saves time and effort, but the catch is it costs more. It doesn't have to though, and you don't need to be an expert to save $100's on flights. 

My Posts/Tutorials

Flight Deal Blogs

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Flight Search Tools

Aggregator/Meta Search

Use these to search across multiple sites.

Online Travel Agent (OTA)

Use these to book directly on one site:

Other Tools

Other useful tools and sites

Airline Sales Pages

These links go straight to the pages on the airline website where they show their latest sales. Sometimes that is the only way to find the cheapest fares which is crazy? Also a good way to see when cheap fares are valid eg blackout dates, etc. But worth a look?