About Me

  • Home
    • Brisbane, QLD, Australia
  • Education - B.Ed, B.Sc
    • Major: Education (Kinesiology)
    • Minor: Sustainability & Sociology


  • Technical & digital native
    • Web, html/css, APIs and analytics
  • Creator and communicator
    • Multimedia production, writer, storyteller
  • Organizer and operator
    • Business strategy, marketing/branding, operations/logistics


  • Community Development
    • Building healthy communities, strong relationships, and effective communication practices. I like being a part of something big.
  • Education 
    • Teaching and sharing what you know, and being ready to learn something new every day
  • Operations 
    • Coordinating the team, planning, organizing, preparing, implementing, reviewing. Keeping the wheels turning.
  • Adventure 
    • Taking time to challenge yourself, conquering fears, exploring new ideas.


  • Quick Learner
    •  I break down concepts into their simplest components and work very hard to truly understand the relationships between them.
  • Great Communicator
    • I communicate these key concepts clearly to engage an audience.
  • Team Player & Leader
    • I exchange energy with others and work exceptionally well in a partnership or team situation
  • Relationship Builder
    • Through empathy and effective communication I build meaningful and sustainable relationships that thrive.

Here is a zoomed out view of my career experience to help introduce myself;



Learning behaviour and teaching/education

I grew up in Australia with a passion for education and a curiosity for the psychology of learning and behaviour. I completed a Bachelor of Education & Bachelor of Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD in 2009.


Global experiential marketing and corporate hospitality

I lived in Canada & the UK from 2009-2013 working in experiential marketing with Coca Cola at the Olympic Games (Vancouver 2010, London 2012) as well as countless other experiential marketing campaigns for global brands including Nintendo & Lindt Chocolate.


Tourism operations and guest experience

In the odd years outside the Olympics, I developed a career working across Canada, the USA, France and the UK in tourism operations & improving guest experiences. I worked for ski resorts & chalets, holiday camps & recreational centres, learning what customers want from a tourism experience, & how they communicate their satisfaction or otherwise with tourism operators .


Digital marketing and social media

I joined the Government of British Columbia's communications team in Victoria, BC in 2016 and rose quickly through the ranks serving on both the Social Media and Advertising/ Marketing teams in the Government Communications and Public Engagement office. There I handled strategic planning and delivery of marketing & communications programs, including digital media buying, engagement programs, campaign analysis and research.


Loyalty programs and travel consulting

Beginning as a digital content writer for a successful travel media subscription, I became an expert in the user experience for online travel booking using airline loyalty points. I developed this expertise into a consultancy providing strategy and travel advice to small businesses and individuals and I have since spoken twice at Canada’s largest conference on loyalty points and miles,


To see full descriptive detail about my previous employment, skills, and experiences, please take a moment to peruse my LinkedIn Profile

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