Aseniwuche Environmental Corporation - Grande Cache, AB

General Manager

Aseniwuche Environmental Corporation is an indigenous environmental consulting firm owned by the Aseniwuche Winewak Nation in Grande Cache, AB, Canada. This company was formed to provide services such as environmental assessments, vegetation management and wildlife monitoring to the local natural resources industries. I was hired to develop website for the company and after providing support on business strategy and operations, I was offered the position of General Manager. My responsibilities included:

  • Administration - Funding applications, RFP's, contracts
  • Human Resources - Recruitment, onboarding, training, administration
  • Project Management - Client communications, board meetings, feedback, reporting
  • Accounts and Financial Mgmt - Accounts receivable/payable, payroll signoff
  • Web & Graphic Design - Corporate website consultation, design, implementation, business cards, marketing materials.
  • Events and Marketing - Coordinate community open houses, establish relationships, sponsorships, training initiatives
  • Business Development - Business plan, budgeting, cost/benefit analyses.


  • Funding applications
    • Assisted with proposals for the Caribou Patrol Program successfully gaining funding from Environment Canada (Federal Government), and Alberta ESRD (Provincial Government)
  • Business development
    • Developed comprehensive business plan to consolidate business lines, improve operational efficiency and develop a 5 year plan for success.
    • Developed proposals that won over $1 million in multi-year contracts for vegetation management with major oil, gas, and forestry clients.
    • Coordinated operations for multi-year contract with Fed & Provincial Govt with Caribou Patrol wildlife monitoring project

Human Resources

  • Recruitment
    • Developed Org Chart and Job Descriptions
    • Developed community recruitment strategies for establishing our company as a competitive employer for highly qualified, local indigenous talent.
  • Onboarding, training, administration
    • Developed community-specific training policies and procedures
    • Ran workshops and training sessions
    • Established relationships with community support groups and First Nation

Project Management

  • Client communications, board meetings, feedback, reporting
    • Managed Operations for Caribou Patrol Program liaising with funding partners, First Nation, and research organisations.
    • Planned and facilitated meetings with stakeholders
    • Helped complete end-of-project reporting

Web & Graphic Design

  • Corporate website consultation & design
    • Brand identity
    • UI/UX Design
    • Content and copywriting
    • Photography for cover images
  • Business cards & marketing materials
    • Business Card Design
    • Brochure Design and formatting
    • Writing content for brochures

AEC Business Cards

Events & Marketing

  • Coordinate community open houses
    • Room rental, catering, guest speakers, gifts
  • Coordinate fundraising and events
    • Annual Golf Day - 120 guests from across province
  • Establish relationships, sponsorships
    • Engage community suppliers for local golf day prizes
  • Training and teambuilding initiatives
    • Monthly all-staff social gatherings
    • Week long paid training camp