Government of BC - Social Media & Marketing Officer

The Government of British Columbia is a digital leader in government communications. My role began as an Online Communications Officer in the social media department developing and publishing content for the province's major social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr and later, Instagram. I later transitioned to Marketing Officer in the Advertising and Marketing department where our team managed and developed marketing campaigns and oversaw all of the paid content going out through advertising channels across the whole province.

This position requires multiple skillsets to be successful and here is a brief snapshot of some of those skills.

Multimedia, web and design

  • Working with images and video, need to understand various file formats, dimensions, resolution, etc and how that lends itself to communicating with the public
  • Need to be able to work with image and video editing programs to create social friendly tweaks to graphics and video for the web
  • Have to understand various content management systems including wordpress, and be able to make minor adjustments as well as work with developer team to manage features and design requests.
  • Having an understanding of how web technologies work (API, CMS, RSS, HTML, CSS) is hugely advantageous in this field and I was able to help the team innovate by sharing my knowledge.

Writing, planning and strategy

  • Working with communications teams, I was required to write copy for posts, ads, brochures and websites that dealt with the nuance of government, but also was understandable by the public.
  • I worked with creative agencies, media buyers, production crews, developer teams, and communications teams to develop and execute campaigns from initial proposals and approvals, all the way to final analysis and reporting.
  • Since the government is spending public funds, careful consideration is required to ensure the message is effective, and efficient. This includes planning content, platforms, budgets, timelines, procurement, and reporting.