Travel University - Victoria, BC

The Travel University started as a way for me to network and demonstrate my skillset and turned into a venture that earned me a reputation as a leading authority in the world of airline and hotel loyalty programs.

After moving to Victoria, I was looking to network to find a job and I needed to meet lots of people so that I could demonstrate my ability to understand complex concepts, learn them inside and out, and communicate that information effectively. I chose something I was already interested in, and something that I knew everybody had, but didn't know how to use properly, frequent flyer miles.

I developed short presentations and workshops to teach people how to learn the ins and outs of earning airline miles, and how to redeem them for high value rewards. These programs are adopted by most people but are complicated and most people do not know how they work or have trouble extracting the most value out of them. As a result, these became very successful with up to 30 attendees each event. I was invited to speak at meetups in Vancouver on the topic and then in 2016 and also 2017 I was asked to speak at Canada's premier conference on airline and hotel loyalty programs, PointsU.


After 18 months of running courses and giving presentations, my wedding took priority and I closed the meetup and focused on other projects. I continue to offer flight consulting services, provide travel consulting to not-for-profits and small businesses, and manage a facebook community I created called Canadian Flight Deals and Travel Hacking.

My roles and responsibilities included:

  • Curriculum Development - Write and arrange content
  • Classroom Instruction - Present information to groups of 15-25 people
  • Event Planning - arranging venues, equipment, supplies, catering
  • Group Administration - Mailing lists, subscriptions, invitations, RSVP's
  • Social Media - Advertising and promotion, small campaigns and newsletters