FLY100 - Intro to Air Travel

Learn the base information you need to understand how the air travel industry works. This valuable info will give you insight into the world of airfare and will be the key to unlocking the master craft of flight booking. These concepts are the backbone and can be a little complex and dry, but once you wrap your head around them, everything else is gravy.

FLY 110 - Segments, Legs, Trips, and more

  • Segments, Legs, Trips
  • Connections, Layovers, Stopovers, Surface Legs/Segments
  • One Ways, Round Trips
  • Open Jaws, Double Open Jaws, Round The World.
  • Codeshares, Interline, Space Available
  • Resource Links

FLY 120 - Airlines and Alliances

FLY 130 - Fares, Classes, and Cabins

  • MnM Analogy
  • What is a Fare made up of - Base Fare, Fuel/Carrier Surcharges, Taxes, Fees
  • Cabins - Front of the Plane, Back of the Plane
  • Fare Classes - journey restrictions/entitlements
  • Fare Buckets - fare rules, booking and payment restrictions/entitlements
  • MnM Recap
  • Resource Links