TD Cards

TD has two kinds of cards available for travel hacking:

Aeroplan co-branded

  • When you spend money on the card you earn Aeroplan miles directly into your Aeroplan account
  • Flights must be redeemed on the Aeroplan website.
  • You cannot convert the Aeroplan miles out unless you use or something like that.

TD Travel points

  • When you spend money on the card you earn special TD points.
  • Flights must be redeemed on TD's special travel site
  • You cannot convert points to any airline programs. But you can use the points to book on any airline since you are essentially using the points to pay for a dollar amount through the TD travel site.

Card Details

There are various offers going around for TD. As always things to lookout for are:

  • Annual fee: What is it? Is it waived the first year?
  • Signup bonus: How much is it? What is the spend requirement to earn the bonus?
  • Income requirements: Do I qualify for this?
  • Earn from spend: How many pts/miles do I get for every $1 I spend?

Which one to pick?

The TD Aeroplan Infinite Visa usually has good offers for 25,000+ miles and first year free. If you don't see any deals like that, maybe it's best to wait until you do. They usually change their deals up every 3 months or so.

How I Use it

Aeroplan can get you great value if you know how to use it! This card is a nice way to earn an easy 25,000 and offers some great bonuses for gas groceries and travel purchases. I will be using this for gas and groceries for the first 3 months to get the bonus miles but after that will go back to using my AMEX Gold as it is 2pts/$1 on gas and groceries.