The Travel University started as a way to help explain annoyingly complicated costs to friends who were overpaying for flights. It has since grown into a series of presentations and workshops helping thousands of people to be able to use simple tricks to make travel more affordable. These resources are free with the intention of helping people to travel cheaper, smarter, and more often.


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Loyalty Programs - How they work

A loyalty program's purpose is to make airline customers remain loyal by giving them a magical currency called miles in return for doing business with them or their corporate 'friend companies'. The idea being that if you have miles/points from one company, you kinda feel indebted to that company or at least you feel like it's a waste if you don't use those miles you got given to get something in return. So you are more likely to do business with that same company to get more miles until you get enough to redeem them for something cool like a free flight, and by then you have spent enough money for them to be OK with giving you a free flight since it costs them way less overhead than the ticket price.